Misha’s Gown

Misha came to me to create a one of a kind look for her graduation day at College of Charleston. The one rule they have there – it must be white. Imagine seeing hundreds of ladies graduating all together, every one of them in a white cocktail dress. I’m sure it is the desire of every one of those women to not look like everyone else. I was able to create the exact dress Misha had in mind, as well as putting pockets in for her. She was one of the only girls on the stage who was able to take a few necessities with her.

A couple years later I turned her one of a kind cocktail dress into a versatile ensemble for the modern day bride. I gave her a custom skirt, as well as a trained cape. She opted for no veil, but we agreed there should still be some drama. The cape worked perfectly for that. Both skirt and cape were adorned with sophisticated bows in her desired blush pink. And by having three pieces, she was able to wear each piece only as long as desired!

The bulk of these photos were shot by Karla Turner for Auntie Bellum Magazine. Read more about that here.