Kathy’s gown

Kathy’s bridal gown hunt was for her second wedding. She knew she didn’t want the classic white ballgown, but still wanted to feel like a bride. It was such an honor to go shopping with her and her daughter, and help her envision how a “maybe” dress could become her dream gown.

When she saw this dress on the rack, the rich champagne colored satin caught her eye immediately. The luxurious alencon lace also spoke to her. But when she put it on, something just wasn’t quite right. The dress was a definite A-line style, and she truly had her heart set on a fit and flare. I crouched down behind her and literally grabbed the bulk of fabric from thigh level and pulled it all behind her, giving the instant illusion of a fit and flare gown. That one simple move brought tears to her eyes, and we all knew this dress would become “the one.”

The dress was a discontinued style, so we got to take it home that day. The transformation from A-line to fit and flare may seem simple, but it required a lot of lace surgery. It turns out the top layer was not a solid alencon lace, but a layer of tulle with alencon lace appliques individually sewn on in the final pattern. All those pieces were removed from the side seams for alterations purposes, and then hand sewn back on one by one.

In addition to the re-silhouetting of this gown, we also changed the zipper back to a corset back, and replaced all the tiny trim that lined the neckline with new beaded lace trim that followed the neckline, as well as framing the new corset back.

This year Kathy had the pleasure of donning her dress one more time for a photo shoot by Auntie Bellum Magazine. The first two images are by Karla Turner Photography for that shoot.