Bonnie’s Gown

Bonnie knew right away that she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her dress. She wanted it to be special, and one of a kind, but in a different sort of way. Her original plan was to wear her mother’s dress. While it fit, and looked beautiful, it wasn’t exactly the style she was going for. Plus it was silk, and hadn’t aged perfectly. With her mother’s permission I was able to rescue all of the trim from the delicate fabric. The trim was yellowed, but some bleach took care of that perfectly! (There was definitely a test sample first – bleach can be harsh on many fabrics.)

She ended up ordering a dress online. This can be a scary adventure, as many people have reported on the internet, but we lucked out and got a great dress to work with. After all, we knew that modifications were coming! After some tweaking, some basic alterations, and the addition of a blue belt and all her mother’s dress trim, Bonnie could not have been happier with the outcome! As was I.

This year Bonnie wore her dress again to model it for Auntie Bellum Magazine. The first two photos are by Karla Turner for that article. I have also included progress photos of the creation of this charming, one of a kind dress.