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Shine and Dandy

  • DateMay 22, 2016

What is Shine and Dandy?

Shine and Dandy is my etsy page. It’s the place where I can share all of my findings and craftings with the world. It is a mix of favorite vintage pieces, and the crafts that I create.

I have always been attracted to vintage clothing. The history of the fashions, the stories of the people who wore the pieces, the care that designers once put into creating each piece in a pre factory day and age. I love to wear vintage pieces as well, but like all clothing, not every style fits or looks good on everyone. And the one downside to vintage clothing is that you can not just pick out the size you need. While alterations are sometimes possible, there are some pieces where that would take away from the integrity of the garment and the design. Here’s an example of a dress that would best fit as is. This is a Suzy Perette gem from the late 1950’s, and is it exquisite condition!

suzy perette

The 50’s were a period of much more structure. Woman’s skirts and especially dresses were generally made with wonderfully intricate seam lines, as well as sturdier fabric, which makes the alterations process harder. Moving into the 60’s and 70’s, fashions, as well as life in general, became a little more laid back. New man made fabrics were being invented, making the wear easier and in turn alterations easier as well. This 60’s mod dress for instance…

white lace mod

The fabric here is intricate, but there’s a simple side seam and back zipper. Not a lot of complexity in the style lines. The fabric embellishment surely does the talking here! And moving up a little later, this awesome 70’s dress is a cool combination of both concepts.

pastel multi 70s

While the fabric here is polyester, and that crazy cool pattern is just a print, there are slightly more detailed seam lines. In the front at least. There are so many more garments I could highlight from my collection, but you’ll have to check out the page for all that. I do love collecting vintage jewelry and accessories as well. Here is one of my favorites…

drop stud earrings

In addition to my curated vintage pieces, I am always working on new sewing or crafting projects. From custom wall-mounted jewelry boards, to children’s pillows, to one of a kind vintage flower hair clips, there’s a mix of many different things all made by me. Here’s a couple sweet handmade things…

 ice cream pillow colorful clip

I have never been a full-time job kind of person. My costume design keeps me busy on a per show basis, much heavier in the fall and winter time. Events and custom fashion design fills out the other half of the year, but there is always downtime. The crafting is a good outlet for all the ideas I have. And etsy is the perfect place for people to sell handmade items who maybe don’t have the time (or desire) to turn that into a full time business.

I’m sure I will delve much deeper into the world of vintage fashions in the future, and I’ll probably share the birth of my next handmade idea here before it’s premiered to the world, but in the meantime go stop by my etsy page to see all the other fun stuff I keep myself busy with. And let me know your favorites after you’ve stopped by!

For more photos of my handmade collections that are not on etsy, check out the shineanddandy insatgram page at

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